About Us

About Us

Cummings Roofing Inc. started in business in 1973 working out of Mickey Cummings’ back yard and garage with a pickup truck and a kettle.  During the 1970’s Cummings Roofing Inc. could be found on Dayton Street, Shasta Way and Summers Lane areas. During the 1980’s Cummings Roofing Inc. was in the country area of Homedale Rd. Since 1990, Cummings Roofing Inc. has been located at 534 S Spring Street.

In the fall of 1987 Christy Cummings came into the office, fresh out of high school, to learn the family business.

In June of 2007 a structure fire next to Cummings Roofing Inc. had embers spread to the property and all but put Cummings Roofing Inc. out of business. If it had not been for the suppliers, family and friends of CRI recovery would be almost impossible.

Cummings Roofing Inc. has gone thru 2 very down economic times once during the 1980’s and again during present times. Cummings Roofing Inc. is definitely here to stay.

Cummings Roofing Inc. is your choice of contractor for roofing. We have variety, experience, professionalism, dedication, quality and integrity to get your job done right. Along with secured pricing and inventory. Whether the job is big or small.